Washer Nozzles

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Here are the items you'll need:

15/32" Drill Bit,
Needle Nosed Pliers,
Masking Tape,
Caliper (not required),
Small Triangular File, and
Safety or Straight Pin
PA260060.JPG (1404998 bytes)
On the underside of the hood, disconnect hose from nozzle and remove nozzle from hood PA210015.JPG (1333690 bytes)    PA210019.JPG (988481 bytes)PA260036.JPG (1062927 bytes)
Nozzles from a 2000 Neon (left in both pictures) vs. 1998 Neon (right)  PA210016.JPG (1356865 bytes)    PA210017.JPG (1307789 bytes)
Place masking tape over the existing hole.

Center the template on the existing hole.  Make sure to align the tab recesses perpendicular to the windshield

PA260040.JPG (1194076 bytes)    PA210023.JPG (1063482 bytes)    PA210024.JPG (956318 bytes)
First, drill the hole using the 15/32" drill bit.  Then use the triangular file to shape the recesses for the nozzle tabs.  These pictures shows the original hole and after the new hole has been shaped. PA260038.JPG (942407 bytes)    PA260042.JPG (971511 bytes)
Press nozzle into hood PA260046.JPG (1042921 bytes)    PA260047.JPG (1210563 bytes)
Installed nozzles PA260055.JPG (1215984 bytes)    PA260053.JPG (1034753 bytes)        
PA260051.JPG (1034159 bytes)    PA260058.JPG (1121681 bytes)
Insert the pin into the nozzle jets to aim the nozzle spray. PA260002.JPG (1316676 bytes)